A Client Management System for You

A Client Management System for You

A Client Management System for You

There are many client management and relational systems; also known as CRM systems, that come ready to go out of the box. However, not all of these products can fit your sales process. We have developed a platform here at SavePro Designs that is completely customizable. ClientNow has the ability to be modified to any sales or business process that your company needs. We currently work with clients in industries ranging from Insurance to Screen Printing Shops.

One of the most important things we tell potential customers to do is to look for client management software that offers you a free trial. This will help you decide if the system is right for your business needs before even spending a dollar on it. With ClientNow we offer a free 30 day trial. This gives the customer the opportunity to use our stripped down version of the system, understand how it works, and decide what customizations they would need to build their perfect management tool.

Something many small businesses struggle with or are unaware of is the importance of customer relationships. Having a user friendly client management tool such as ClientNow is going to go a long way in building these relationships. Whether you need to review your client’s latest order, current balance, or simply send them a happy birthday email; we’ve got it covered. Always keeping your company brand in the customers mind not only shows them you care but is also important in customer retention.

A client management system is not only important for keeping track of current clients but also can be used for direct marketing for past clients or future clients as well. Many systems we have built in the past deal with prospective customers and previous customers who we still reach out to via marketing automation. This helps in growing sales as well as retaining customers.

Another aspect of the ClientNow system is scheduling. Our scheduling calendar allows your sales team to create calendars for anything imaginable. Drag and drop your events on the specific days to show appointments, time off, meetings and more! This will let you team see updates in real time throughout their workday.

As previously stated, with endless possibilities we are here to help you. Let SavePro Designs turn your small business into a scaleable enterprise or simply organize your small group of clients with our fully custom CRM. Give ClientNow a shot today and let us know what you think.

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